Our Philosophy

We have grown our business out of a desire to develop meaningful and useful solutions that have practical applications in our world. We take time and care to utilize the best technologies for the intended product missions and listen carefully to our prospective and existing clients. We take the time to get it right.

Our Products

The GGV tactical tracking products have evolved over the past three years with careful attention to achieving a sensible balance between functionality and price point. In the course of our developments we have strived to optimize device functionality while giving investigators a choice of products that provide the flexibility for cost effective deployments.

Meet Our Team

Extensive experience including business management & development, sales & marketing, technical development & scaled electronics manufacturing. A well-seasoned group all of whom are company shareholders.

Ed Prefontaine
Ed PrefontaineFounder & CEO
Ed possesses over 40 years of business development experience as a founder, board member and senior executive of technology related companies.
Ed Haslam
Ed HaslamFounder, Vice President & CTO
Ed Haslam is an electronics design and development engineer with over thirty years of experience.
Doug Mann
Doug MannBusiness Development, Sales & Support
Doug is a skilled professional with extensive sales, marketing and management experience.
Keith Clifford
Keith CliffordFirmware Engineer
Keith brings over 23 years of firmware/software programming experience in wireless tracking, control and network systems.
Trevor Friesen
Trevor FriesenCAD Designer
Trevor has over 20 years experience in developing CAD designs for electronic devices and systems.

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